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Essex Hands Ltd is an Essex based, non-profit organisation, set up for the public benefit of the community of the Tendring and Colchester area of Essex. Our mission is to facilitate the acquisition of life-enhancing, specialist equipment for young people between the ages of 2-25 in our community. Whilst this is our main aim, we will strive too to help with many other local charities. Other objectives include fundraising for Winter Warmers, contributing to and working with foodbanks, helping smaller, local charities and generally assisting the most needy in our community.
Our main source of funds will be through Corporate Sponsorship, in return for which, we will organise a wide range of events such as team-building days, sports events, concerts and other specialist events. Recipients of these sponsorships will be selected in a very strict manner, according to the Charity Commission's guidelines.
Essex Hands Ltd is staffed by a team of dedicated volunteers with many years of fund-raising experience, including a Board of Trustees, 2 Directors, Patrons, Ambassadors and a number of carefully selected individuals with a wealth of experience in admin, media, public relations, fund-raising, health and safety and disability. Our Patrons will include a number of well-known local personalities and celebrities. Marion Knight started fund-raising in 2002 by holding Arsenal Charity football matches, raising much needed funds and awareness for local charities and good causes, with the support of the Arsenal Foundation. These events were always held locally at affordable costs and the the prices have never increased. In 2015 Marion founded Essex Hands Ltd along with Natalie Devaux. We continued with the invaluable support of the Arsenal Foundation with many more celebrity football matches.
As it stands today, Essex Hands Ltd are in the process of registering with the Charity Commission and will keep you all updated with our progress.
Thank you for your interest.
Marion and Fiona.



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